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1.  Back to the 2014. How does Spiral Skies came together?


There was already an orchestra consisting of Johnny, Dan, Daniel and Eric. They´d been playing together for a couple of years, but could´t find a suitable singer. I had an old add on bandfinder (music add) and the guys contacted me over there. I was mostly in to metal but gave the guys a chance, which i never regretted. Their live music in their rehearsal room made me really impressed.

2. How was Your first jam as a band?


Since we already had some instrumental songs ready it flowed really good. Frida had written a few melodies at home which she brought to the rehearsal room, when we tried out the two parts together we all felt like the top chefs of the Michelin scale that had created a delicious soup.

A occult recipe that we still tries to use in our dishes today


3. From what kind of musical background each of You came from? What music, sound surrounding You?



We all all have very different musical influences and backgrounds. Punk, country, black metal - to name a few. However all of us shares the same passion for the 70´s rock music, and it came natural to write that kind of music together.

4. When and how was Your first gig as a band?



It was on halloween on a friends pub in a suburb to Stockholm. For some of us it was not only the first gig with spiral skies it was the first live performance ever. We all were nervous of course but I won the nervous trophy by not being able to play a solo, I played just one note and freezed. But with a good vibrato and long sustain it felt like a part of the song, haha!

5. What bands or artists are Your source of inspiration for sound or way You play and perform?


Too many to name them all, but as said we are inspired by hell lots of things. All of us are very individually in this matter. Someone may have seen a movie recently and really digged that soundtrack, and another one may just have discovered a Queen song and wants choirs all over the place, haha! It is really what all the members are listening to at the moment. I listened a lot to Tori Amos when we recorded Blues, and I think I got somehow inspired by her voice;, fragile, weird, beautiful, scary., insane. All in one. I listen to a lot of bands with female singers, for now especially Jess and the Ancient Ones, and Blood Ceremony.


6. What happens in Your rehearsals? Tell me more about the way You compose and arrange songs.


Usually we just jam around, and record those fragments on our phones. We try to puzzle all the riffs together, and eventually we have a song. Then i record some melodies at home and arrange the vocals and harmonies, presenting it to the guys. Sometimes we re-arrange songs in to the very last, like - when we were recording “Bues”, we changed stuff in some songs while we recorded them.


7. Do You play covers?


We have spoken about this in the band since the beginning. And we are still on square one. We cant get along what cover to play. So the answer is no, but we are not ”against” it that some people are

8. Frida, as a singer are You writing lyrics for songs? What can You tell about message of Your songs? What is Your source of inspiration for lyrics?

I have began to write more and more, but on the Blues Daniel wrote everything except Awakening. He is a very talented writer I must say. Both Cult and Awakening are quite dark themes (Lyrics I have written) and the kind of lyrics Daniel writes does often have a darkness over them as well. But we call our music on Other Planet´s Kinda Rock, and the lyrics are somehow in that box as well. Surrealism, Criticism, and Suffering are themes i think follow our lyrics. Daniels lyrics are very poetic, in my opinion.

9. What are You guys doing for a living? Your life outside “Spiral Skies.”



If you would have walked pass anyone of us on the sidewalk you would´nt see anything special. We are just like the rest of the humanity. Flesh and bone. Some of us have families and kids, some has cats and dogs, and some of us running our own companies.
Being a part of spiral skies takes up alot of time and commitment but there is a life outside of arpeggios and phrygian scales too. We can say we´re quite busy either way!

10. You have already played on lots of stages around Europe, which gig is most memorable with something special? The best gig, so to say?


I loved the gig at Sweden Rock Festival, since it was probably the biggest audience we´d ever had. And that it was a dream come true to play that festival. We gained a lot of positive attention for that gig. However - coming home from our first tour, the “Lebensnehmer Tour” - I must say it was quite awesome to play in different places in Germany and Netherlands, especially in Oberhausen, which was completely sold out.



11. What people can expect while going to Your gig?

People usually appreciate that we´re very energic on stage, and that our music also sounds the same on Vinyl as Live. What you´ve heard on our album is what you get live. Sort of. People also tend to get surprised over our songs. That they are very diverse. You get both Iron Maiden and 60´s surf rock in one set, if you watch us live, haha!


12. Your thoughts about modern Alternative Rock scene? What musical tendencies is up to date, and what is shifting to the history bookshelf?



Hmm, hard to tell really. There are so much stuff happening out there. There seems to be a small difference in which country you are. But it seems to be a general retro-wave that by now have alot of surfers on it. And to be honest i love that people try to do their things.


13. What is Your plans after European tour?



We have a few dates booked for gigs, one in Sweden, two in Latvia and one later on in Berlin at the end of the summer. I think our main focus will be to write new songs for the new album. There were some gossip about a Aop-tour pt2 at the end of the year thou...


14. What can You tell about “Blues for a Dying Planet,” what album is about?


The album itself is the first album of Spiral Skies. I think it gives the listeners a hint of what our music style is like, very diverse and “flirting” with a lot of genres. If you put on the first track you will get a bit confused if you thought the rest of the songs would sound like that, haha. I think we have put down all our influences on “Blues” and I also think the upcoming album will be something in that manner as well. That is just how we write music. There are no limits. We are not interested in being a concept band.

15. Talking about Your latest EP “Cult” there is already few months since it’s release, what is people’s thoughts about it?



People seems to like it and that is always fun, some have said that soundwise its a extended version of Blues for a dying planet and some have said its a song of its own. Anyway, we are pleased with the outcome and it’ s a killer song to play live.



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